Jimmy's clients

what they're saying:

It’s been less than 4 hours and I have - at last count - 32 emails from professors, parents, and students who’ve said... ‘without question, this is the most fabulous speaker we’ve ever heard.’
— Dr. Jahnae H. Barnett, President, Williams Woods University
Jimmy Wayne rocked the house! It was the first time we’ve ended a commencement and I knew EVERY STUDENT wanted him to keep going... it was an incredible experience.
— Aimee Sapp, VP Academic Affairs at William Woods University




What he’s done from a tough life and [his message of] moving forward making positive public change is a massive, massive thing for us. It was the exact thing we needed for our group.
— Greg Buzek, President, Retail Orphan Initiate
He brought the house down with laughter, with tears, and with a challenge for us to go out and impact lives. We loved it!
— AT&T